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Quahog Bay

September 5, 2010

After a wonderful sail from the Basin on the New Meadows River south of Bath, to Quohog Bay, we began our two week vacation on the coast of Maine with a feast of marinated steak tips, another salad mostly from our garden, and a bottle of La Fleur de Petrus, 1995; the “second” wine from Petrus. Wouldn’t you know it, though, this wine is second to none.

I opened the bottle about an hour before dinner just in case. I’ve had one bottle after the wine was about 1o years old and was so wound up we ended up drinking it the following evening so I suspected that this wine might need to age a little more. It seems that an hour and 1/2 was just about right because by the main course it was showing all it’s potential. The tannins seem to have rounded out but are a log way from disappearing. The fruit (mostly blackberries and cherries, but it could have been the food interfering) was right there with you and then the subtle additions that a great Bordeaux offers came on into the meal. By the time Andy and I finished the last 1/2 glass each, it was clear this wine has it all and at 10% of the price of a Petrus.

Oh, by the way, the Basin, for anyone who sails “down east” is one of the most beautiful and pristine harbors on the coast, typically offering up perfect anchoring conditions on a sandy bottom within 100 fee to the shore in 30 feet of water. An evening there, with the Osprey diving all around you, is as close to heaven as I’ve found myself.

Quohog Bay, located a little west of the Basin, is home to Dodge Morgan, one of our country’s legendary sailor-writers who’s known for his solo voyage around the world and for authoring “The Voyage of American Promise”, a wonderful yarn, while he made the trip. As I write this, I can peer across the bay at his schooner at anchor off of Swan Island, his home port, in the middle of the bay.

UPDATE: (10/4/2010) Dodge Morgan died of complications from Cancer at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston at the age of 78 while we were vacationing on Quahog Bay. He’ll be missed……

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